Bring Your Space to Life

Expert control of lighting in every room, from energizing to calming, create the mood that enhances and embraces your lifestyle. Simple, instant ability to master the ambiance of your space.

The HHS Difference

Press a button and house lights dim, shades drop and your mood calms. While it may seem lightbulbs have been the same since invented, recent years have seen huge advancements in lighting. Today’s lights offer control from anywhere, and the ability to program them to turn on or off at specific times. It’s one touch to set lights for a party or a private night. Colored and LED bulbs present new creativity that wasn’t possible before. Lighting can now be the canvas for a room, with LED beams placed directly into dry wall for gorgeous effects and warmth.

You’ll gain access to cutting-edge designs in fixtures that can be controlled from one room to the entire house. In this fast-changing world of lighting and control, we can help you plan and select lighting for optimum performance, value and style.